The Ultimate – The Global Golf Awards!

Posted By: Asia Pacific Golf Group at 19 March 2020 | Written By: Mike Sebastian

It is only natural that the longest running awards programme for the Asia Pacific Golf industry should grow into a global event. No one will argue that it is part of a progression plan that is designed to transform it into a major event of world standing.

The Global Golf Awards has emerged out of the same crucible that gave the world the highly successful Asian Golf Awards. The Asian Golf Awards witnessed the completion of twenty years in 2019, making it the most successful and respected industry recognition event of its kind.

Its wide acceptance is evidenced by the way its awards are proudly displayed by golf clubs in the Asia Pacific who were honoured over the past two decades.

“We look back at the growth and evolution of the Asian Golf Awards with great pride ….. its success has been unmatched,” said Mike Sebastian, CEO of the Asia Pacific Golf Group, the owner of the event. “In keeping with the rapid growth of the Asia Pacific and it’s place on the global stage, we felt that it made sense for the Asian Golf Awards to keep pace and grow with the region that is home to it,” Sebastian pointed out.

The Global Golf Awards is a perfect transition for the Asian Golf Awards. It is part of the new World Golf Expo initiative, a collaboration between the giant Mission Hills Group of China and the Asia Pacific Golf Group.

The World Golf Expo will be staged in the bustling capital city of Haikou in Hainan on March 15 – 19, 2021. According to Sebastian, “The World Golf Expo is being planned to grow into one of the biggest and most important golf business events in the world.” He explained that the World Golf Expo is being structured to address the following key pillars of business:

  • A global golf trade exposition;
  • An international golf business summit;
  • An international agronomy symposium;
  • An international symposium on golf tourism,
  • A series of professional and amateur golf tournaments;
  • The Global Golf Awards;

“I envision that the Global Golf Awards will take off from where the Asian Golf Awards left off and take the event to a whole new level of excellence,” said Sebastian who went on to add that the World Golf Expo will “take on carnival proportions” designed to showcase the latest and the best in all things golf and to also stimulate and encourage innovative thinking relating to promoting the growth of golf on a global scale.

Like its predecessor, the Global Golf Awards will be conducted through a poll that will be run on-line covering a three-month period. The on-line poll will be launched on March 1 and end on June 15, 2020.

Note that success in the Global Golf Awards on-line poll will be determined by the number of valid votes received. This being the case, all golf clubs and organisations who would like to participate should make an active effort to promote themselves to their target groups to encourage support and participation.

The regions to be covered include the following:

  • East Asia (Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, China)
  • Southeast Asia
  • Oceania (Australia, New Zealand Pacific Islands)
  • South Asia (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal)
  • Middle East/Africa
  • Europe including United Kingdom and Russia
  • Canada
  • North America
  • South America
  • Mexico

The voting categories will be made known before the end of February.

The awards presentation will be held in Haikou, the capital city of Hainan in China on March 18, 2021.

For any enquiries, kindly contact Ms. Alice Ho, Business Manager, World Golf Expo @