World Golf Expo 2021 – The New Age Marketing Crusader!

Posted By: Asia Pacific Golf Group at 17 September 2020 | Written By: Mike Sebastian

Pandemic or not, the Legendary Golf Guru, Andrew Wood was out and about to get a first-hand read on the state of the health of the golf industry.

Unfazed by the fury of the raging global pandemic, Wood, the master of marketing for the golf industry, went on a sustained voyage to meet, speak and share thoughts on the pandemic and its effect with golf operators in North America and Europe.

It was no ordinary journey! No golfer has been known or reported to have travelled thousands of miles during this challenging period to see for himself how the industry is coping. What Wood has experienced is a story that has to be told and retold and he will be sharing some of the highpoints at the World Golf Expo (WGE) where he is a featured speaker.

You probably think I’m crazy but despite COVID, in the last 100 days, I have visited 21 American states and five countries. I have taken four airline flights, driven over 11,000 miles, and flown over 9,000 miles. I have played over 70 rounds of golf at over 40 different clubs, stayed in over 30 hotels, and eaten out every meal,” declared Wood.

What he discovered on this record voyage will prove to be an eye-opener. “The weeks that he spent and the miles that he has travelled offers eye-opening first hand experiences of how our industry is fighting to beat the pandemic and to keep golf going,” said Mike Sebastian, CEO of the Asia Pacific Golf Group who together with the giant Mission Hill Group of China are the co-presenters of the WGE.

Wood will be a key speaker at WGE and he will come armed with an idea-filled tool-kit on how golf clubs in the Asia Pacific can beef-up to grow their business in a post-pandemic business environment.

Delegate registration and exhibition booth bookings are open:

The time to act is NOW! WGE is a top-notch global business platform for the growing golf industry in the Asia Pacific. Come and be a part of this growth engine. We will help you become an integral part of a force that is moving forward!

Golf’s Asia Pacific Hub is ready to partner with you. See you in Haikou, Hainan in 2021!

WGE 2021 is a collaboration between the Mission Hills Group and the Asia Pacific Golf Group.

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