World Golf Expo 2021 – The Unique Wimbledon Touch!

Posted By: Asia Pacific Golf Group at 9 September 2020 | Written By: Mike Sebastian

High performance club management will be one of the cornerstones of the Inaugural World Golf Expo.

And who better to speak on this special topic than the man with hands-on experience at managing the world-famous Wimbledon Club.

Meet Ross Matheson, a professional who has been on a journey in club management for the last twenty years experiencing single site, multi-site and high performance club management.

He has a unique combination of experience in both the sports and business worlds that makes him a perfect fit to operate the most prestigious tennis Club in the World. His responsibility is to operate this very special Club both year-round and during the Championships for his members and a marketplace of over a billion people interested in tennis across the world.

An accomplished professional tennis player, with a career high ATP ranking of 232, he has applied the same painstaking discipline, dedication, preparation and professionalism to the business world and the running of the world-famous Wimbledon Club.

Matheson has been the club manager since 2015 and is totally immersed in the very highest standards of detail and operational performance of the club. “This has connected my natural fascination with excellence and allowed me to focus on detail and exceptional customer service,” said Matheson.

We have stepped out of the golf club industry in a bold move to bring in cross-industry experts to share with us their management practices and Ross is the best in his field and we are indeed honoured to have him
speak at the World Golf Expo,” said Mike Sebastian, CEO of the Asia Pacific Golf Group and the Executive Producer of WGE.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to listen to a world leader talk about the club industry and high-performance club management.

Delegate registration and exhibition booth bookings are open:

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WGE 2021 is a collaboration between the Mission Hills Group and the Asia Pacific Golf Group.

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