World Golf Expo 2021 – Time To Whip The Challenges!

Posted By: Asia Pacific Golf Group at 20 September 2020 | Written By: Mike Sebastian

Perhaps there has never been a more challenging period faced by the golf club industry than right now. The pandemic has brought about untold problems for golf clubs globally and the one man who looks upon these hurdles with a positive mindset is Gregg Patterson, without doubt the most sought after club industry speaker who is all set to spank the challenges and come out on top.


The founder and president of Tribal Magic is psyched up to speak at the World Golf Expo about “Disruptive Innovation” and how this can help build a culture of creativity. Patterson who spent 34 years as the general manager of the profitable Beach Club in California believes the competition is getting tougher and more aggressive. Innovation is needed and creativity is the engine that will drive the golf club industry to new heights in the post pandemic era.


Change is happening and anticipating those changes, “smelling the future”, seeing creative opportunities where others see chaos and responding to those changes with enthusiasm can be with the right “change mindset”, a joy for the management team,” exclaimed Patterson.


Noted for his high-energy management style, Patterson feels “disruptive innovation” and change that helps “create the future”, calls out to “Change Leaders” to lead “Change Teams” to make change happen.


“Gregg is a spell-binder and he has the perfect template on how the club industry can proactively take on the challenges of the pandemic age and get the industry buzzing again. If there is one man who knows how to get the job done, it’s Gregg!” said Mike Sebastian, CEO of the Asia Pacific Golf Group, which is producing the WGE in collaboration with the giant Mission Hills Group of China.


Don’t miss Gregg Patterson’s highly motivating and inspirational address. He is guaranteed to educate, inspire and entertain you!


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WGE 2021 is a collaboration between the Mission Hills Group and the Asia Pacific Golf Group.


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