World Golf Expo 2021 – Asian Tour Top Honcho Lines Up For WGE

Posted By: Asia Pacific Golf Group at 11 October 2020 | Written By: Mike Sebastian

Asia’s leading authority on professional golf is without doubt the Asian Tour’s Commissioner and CEO Cho Minn Thant.

Cho is a consummate professional in the game of golf having joined the Asian Tour in 2007. In 2016, he assumed the role as chief operating officer before rising to his current position in July 2019.

Cho plays a key role in leading the strategic direction of the Asian Tour with responsibilities for bolstering the tournament schedule, commercial development and overall management.
The seasoned golf executive possesses vast knowledge and experience in all aspects of professional golf across the region and is a well-known figure on Tour, having been a regular fixture at Asian Tour events for over a decade.


In announcing Cho’s participation as a speaker at the World Golf Expo in Haikou, Hainan, the chairman of the organising committee, Mr. Tenniel Chu said. “We are indeed honoured to be able to have Cho speak at the WGE ad we know that he will be able to help bring about a greater understanding of the Asian Tour and its plans in a post-pandemic era.”


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