WGE 2021 Is Postponed!

Posted By: Asia Pacific Golf Group at 2 June 2021 | Written By: Mike Sebastian

The organizers of the World Golf Expo 2021 (WGE), the Mission Hills Group of China and ASIAN GOLF have taken the difficult decision to postpone the international golf show to 2022.

The postponement has been brought about by the current situation relating to the spread of the Coronavirus and new variant attacks together with lockdowns in various countries and prevailing travel restrictions.

“Even though we have had to postpone WGE twice, I am happy to note that the team has done an excellent job in creating it as a major international brand for the business of golf,” said Tenniel Chu, Chairman of the WGE Organizing Committee.

“We spared nothing to make sure that we prepared for the best golf business summit and trade show – an event that would really live up to its name.” He went on to add, “The line-up of international speakers clearly represented a who’s who of the global golf industry, and it is indeed regrettable that they will not be able to help set the stage for the future of golf not only in Asia but in the rest of the world,” Chu added.

Mike Sebastian, the Executive Producer of WGE said, “Every single speaker that we contacted about the postponement expressed great disappointment but what was encouraging was the fact that each and every one of them spontaneously gave their commitment to support the new event in 2022.” Sebastian explained this was proof that all the invited speakers believed in WGE and its role in helping to grow the game of golf globally with a special emphasis on Asia.

Perhaps the feeling of support for WGE was best expressed by David Abeles, President and CEO of TaylorMade Golf who said, “I am grateful for the invite, appreciate all the work you, your organization, and the team at Mission Hills had done to prepare for the WGE. You have my commitment that when things settle and are more predictable in the world – I will be there for you!”

While the WGE may be postponed, the spirit and determination to stage a truly world class event has in fact been bolstered. “Whenever Mission Hills lends its name to any event, you can rest assured that it will be the BEST!” said Sebastian.

All the work for the staging of WGE has been done and it has been in a state of readiness awaiting the word to go. “While we accept that the pandemic is still around and raging our biggest challenge was the travel restrictions in place which makes it impossible for delegates to travel safely to Hainan,” explained Sebastian.

“Looking ahead and based on all the data that we have at our disposal, it is safe to assume that the new staging date for WGE will be some time in mid-2022,” explained Chu. The new show dates will be announced in the not-too-distant future.

The forerunner to the WGE was the Asia Pacific Golf Summit (APGS) which had a very successful thirteen-year run starting back in 2007. Over the years, more than 200 international speakers have addressed APGS, and it was the go-to Summit for all in the golf industry.

“While we accept the fact that APGS was the best networking opportunity for the golf industry, it also served as a terrific platform to showcase new technologies and trends in the industry,” said Sebastian.

“We expect this to continue and in fact, we expect it to take on greater prominence with WGE.” Sebastian went on to add that the annual recognition event associated with APGS will continue. “In keeping with the introduction of WGE, we have expanded the much sought-after Asian Golf Awards into the Global Golf Awards, the “Oscars” for our industry and this will continue the long tradition of recognising the best amongst the best in our industry.”

The on-line voting for the 2021/22 Global Golf Awards is currently in operation and voting is open at https://agmawards.asiapacificgolfgroup.com/

“We hope that everyone in the golf industry will make a bee-line to attend WGE 2022 in Hainan next year. I can assure you that we will be ready to extend the warmest welcome to our glorious resort and I can assure you that we will be set to deliver the best golf business Summit at WGE 2022,” was the parting shot of Chu.